Liberated Learners offers support for individuals and groups interested to start a North Star model program. We provide teams with a planning document to think through the major issues and considerations for starting a program, and offer guidance to teams as they work to develop plans for opening a center. At the end of the planning period, teams can move ahead independently to open a center, discontinue with plans for opening a center, or apply to join Liberated Learners as a full member.

Annual Membership

Members of Liberated Learners receive the following benefits. If you are interested to explore joining, please be in touch.

  • Use of LL 7 Principles and Slogan with attribution

  • Use of various materials and templates available from LL and its member centers, including, but not limited to, brochures and marketing materials, membership forms, program materials, parent guides, newsletters, and website language

  • Support in filing the IRS 1023 application to become a 501c3 organization and hopefully the Canadian version soon (Actual copy of 1023 application is available upon request to member centers.)
  • Opportunities for professional development and consulting with other member organizations

  • A visit from staff and teens from an LL center for a public teen panel event (must pay travel expenses)

  • Members-only google group to receive ongoing support from other member programs

  • 2 admissions to the yearly Liberated Learners conference

  • Use of web-based portfolio app for mentoring/advising young people who attend the center
  • Invitation to Liberated Learners member-only events
  • Opportunity to jointly hire professional services like grant-writing, web design and marketing
  • Opportunity to host a Liberated Learners apprentice for a year as additional full-time staff at low cost

  • Student exchanges between member centers and visits throughout the year

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