Our goal is to share what we know with individuals and programs interested in making self-directed learning a viable and successful option for teens in their community.

Individuals New to Self-Directed Learning Who Want to Start a Program

Most people have approached Liberated Learners as individuals considering how to start their own school or educational program.  These people are frequently disillusioned school teachers or veteran unschooling parents.

Our process begins with a one-time, no-cost, 30-60 minute phone conversation, usually with Ken Danford.  We are interested to hear about each person’s vision and experience, and to determine whether our approach is indeed something they may want to pursue.

Another option is to join one of our Intro to the North Star model hangouts.

After an introduction to our model, these individuals may join our Starters program.

Individuals with Existing Programs

Sometimes we are contacted by people who have already started their own programs.  We will spend that first  no-cost conversation comparing notes, and hearing how these programs have come to their present situations.

These programs may join simply as Affiliates to be included on our map and be part of our network communication.

Others may want to join as members of Liberated Learners to receive coaching, access to our materials, a teen panel presentation and further support.

Did You Know?

At Liberated Learners centers:

  • Most teen members go on to college, of all kinds: highly selectives, state flagships, small liberal arts, technical and art institutes, and local community colleges. All are viable next steps.
  • Many youth members are not required to take state tests (check your state or provincial homeschooling requirements).
  • Young people receive individual tutoring in a wide variety of subjects.
  • Few of the families would have left school without the support of staff members.
  • Families report less stress, increased communication, and improved relationships.
  • A traditional high school diploma is not necessary for success in any area of life. All doors are open to non-traditional learners, and our members prove it.


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