Our goal is to share what we know with individuals and programs interested in making self-directed learning a viable and successful option for young people in their community.

Individuals New to Self-Directed Learning Who Want to Start a Program

Most people have approached Liberated Learners as individuals considering how to start their own school or educational program.  These people are frequently disillusioned school teachers or veteran unschooling parents.

Our process begins with a free online Intro to Liberated Learners Webinar with either Ken Danford or Joel Hammon.

In addition, we offer individual consulting phone calls with either Ken or Joel for $75/hour. We are interested to hear about each person’s vision and experience, to help them determine whether our approach is indeed something they may want to pursue. Be in touch via email to schedule a time: info@liberatedlearners.net.

After an introduction to our model, these individuals may join our Starters program.

Individuals with Existing Programs

Sometimes we are contacted by people who have already started their own programs.  Feel free to be in touch if you are interested to explore joining Liberated Learners as a member center to receive coaching, access to our materials, a teen panel presentation and further support.

Are you a teacher who loves working with young people, but hates teaching in “the system?” Joel Hammon talks about his decision to quit his job as a high school teacher and how creating self-directed education centers can improve the lives of teachers and their students. Joel is the co-founder of The Learning Cooperatives, a group of self-directed learning centers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and also one of the co-founders of Liberated Learners.

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