For those interested to learn more:

We offer a free Intro Intro to Liberated Learners Webinar to learn more about Liberated Learners, how we support young people to self-direct their educations at our centers, and how you can get involved.

All individuals exploring options (Wonderers) and existing programs (Affiliates) using a North-Star-like model are invited to be included on the Liberated Learners map at no cost.

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Working with Liberated Learners is a huge advantage for anyone considering starting a learning center. Working with LL shaved months (possibly years) off of our start-up time. The consulting fee was worth every penny in time saved on our 1023 forms alone. Having their assistance in dealing with the many administrative tasks involved in establishing a non-profit, forming a board, and getting ideas on how best to gain members was incredibly useful in many ways I could never have anticipated. Liberated Learners were responsive to my emails, always answered my questions and are a fantastic source of ongoing support as we build Bay State Learning Center.

George Popham, Bay State Learning Center in Dedham, Massachusetts

  • Intro to Liberated Learners Webinar

  • FREE!

  • A 1-hour introduction and overview of the model
  • Consulting with Ken or Joel

  • $75

    per hour
  • Phone or in-person conversation to discuss your vision for starting a center
  • Visit a
    Liberated Learners center

  • $150

  • Observe activities. Interact with teens. Meet with staff.
  • A panel of Liberated Learners teens
    at your location

  • $500

    plus expenses
  • Inspire your community. Attract your first members.
  • Starters

  • $1,000

    for a 6-month planning phase
  • For individuals and groups interested to start a North Star model program.
  • Initial Membership

  • $4,500

    for 1 year
  • For teams who have completed the Starter program and are interested to move ahead with opening a center.

Annual Membership: For current member centers and existing North-Star-like model centers interested to join the network annual membership is 1% of the previous year’s income. The maximum cost for an annual membership is $1500.

Note: All amounts are in US dollars.