Our consulting services, provided by Ken Danford and Joel Hammon, are at the core of what Liberated Learners offers to individuals and teams who wish to start a North Star model center.

Upon joining at the Starter level, Ken and Joel will be available for ongoing conversations and for regular email support as your team begins planning for the creation of a new center. Liberated Learners staff help new member teams to create a business plan including a vision for the new center, an analysis of the proposed location, ideas related to branding, specification of income and expenses, and draft initial ideas for the program. Members receive consulting services most intensively during the year or so leading up to the opening of their center and continuing through the first year and beyond, up to three years.

In addition, Liberated Learners maintains an active email discussion group, in which any member may ask a question to all other members and gather a range of thoughts. These questions often involve a brief, difficult situation at a center for which a member would like some support, and to learn what others have done in similar circumstances. This community response and support makes an important difference for everyone, and allows the best aspects of an open-source learning model for our programs.

Liberated Learners staff and the email discussion group provide assistance for the many tasks needed to support a functioning center: applying for non-profit status, developing a board, creating a website, recruiting member families, building connections in the community, and developing the program of offerings.

The purpose of this consulting is to help new programs bypass the first 10-12 years of the North Star experience! Even more, the consulting and networking provide a community for many of us operating nearly on our own.

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