Teacher Liberation

Here’s the video of the TEDx talk I gave in October entitled, Teacher Liberation. The primary focus was reaching educators who love working with young people, but are frustrated by the traditional educational systems where they work so they might be inspired to create self-directed education centers in their communities. But I think the talk […]


BigFish to Open in January 2018

In a collaborative effort, including former students and brand new members of BigFish Learning Community, we now have our first promo video. Posted to Facebook Nov. 13, 2017, it has over 2.1K views! BigFish opens in January 2018. We met again recently to begin work on a second video which hopes to explain how Self-Directed Education […]


The Secret Club

For the last 5 years, I taught in a Montessori school with someone who always spoke about how much she loves her job. She would do it for free, if she had to. She feels like it is her “true calling”… blah blah blah. I wanted to hate her… or feel sorry for her since […]


Inspired, Sobered

One of the pleasures of this past week has been organizing my notes from my first Liberated Learners conference. June 22 I caught a red-eye to the east coast and then spent the weekend reveling in hundreds of micro and macro “aha” moments. Having returned home I’m more excited than ever about all the goodness I know […]