Our Network Map highlights all the Liberated Learners and Affiliate programs worldwide.

Blue = Member Centers (light blue for centers opening in the near future)         Pink = Affiliates             Green = Planning            Yellow = Considering


The programs listed below are not members of the Liberated Learners network, but they are doing similar and similarly important work.

Abrome – Austin, TX

Arcadia Learning Commons – Wilmington, OH

Columbus Learning Cooperative – Columbus, OH

Construct Learning – Natick, MA

Cooperative Homeschooling for Everyone – Providence, RI

Element Education – Tulsa, OK

Fertile Grounds – Hamilton, ON

Freedom to Grow Unschool – Hull, GA

Kite’s Nest – Hudson, NY

Macomber Center – Framingham, MA

Open Connections – Newtown Square, PA

Parts and Crafts – Somerville, MA

Perduco Education – Foxboro, MA

Proprius Learning – Colorado Springs, CO

Trellis Community Learning – Pembroke, MA