Liberated Learners is a network supporting the creation of centers based on the North Star model.  There are centers across North America using the North Star model to support young people living and learning without school, with more in development and planning to open in 2019.

Liberated Learners offers consulting and training to groups interested in creating new centers, and organizes the network of independent programs sharing this approach.  We work together in the areas of outreach, fundraising, and providing learning opportunities to their members.

Follow these links to learn more about each of the Liberated Learners centers.

Programs: Centers that are up and running or will be soon

North Star: Self-Directed Learning for Teens – Sunderland, Massachusetts, USA

Abot Tala – Manila, Philippines

Alcove – Los Angeles, California, USA

Bay State Learning Center – Dedham, Massachusetts, USA

Beacon: Self-Directed Learning – New Haven, Connecticut, USA

BigFish Learning Community – Dover, New Hampshire, USA

Deep Root: Center for Self-Directed Learning – Canton, New York, USA

Embark Center for Self-Directed Learning – Leesburg, Virginia, USA

Epic Life Learning Community – Carrollton, TX

The Learning Cooperatives

Open Doors: Center for Self-Directed Teens – Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Purple stars = Member Centers         Yellow pins = Planning         Orange dots = Connections