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For those who love working with young people but dislike teaching in school.  There IS a better way, and it might be the right way for you to become the positive force for youth you’ve wanted to be.  Learn how to re-imagine education and create the kind of learning environment where you’d actually enjoy spending your time.  Find out more in our introductory online hangout!

Hosts: Ken Danford, Co-Founder of North Star: Self-Directed Learning for Teens and Joel Hammon, Co-Founder of Princeton Learning Cooperative

Topics will include:

  • intro to Liberated Learners and the network of centers
  • North Star model history and philosophy
  • how the educational model works
  • starting a center (financials, building a team, practical considerations)
  • how Liberated Learners can help you start a center
  • Answers to YOUR QUESTIONS–send them in advance and/or ask them live

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