A Clip from New Self-Taught Documentary

Have you seen the movie Class Dismissed?  Filmmaker Jeremy Stuart follows a family’s journey from school to homeschooling to unschooling.  The process and emotions the teen and the family experience are quite familiar to what we see in our work at Liberated Learners centers.

Jeremy’s follow-up project is to make Self-Taught, a film about adults who homeschooled reflecting on how this approach has impacted their lives, careers, and general attitudes.  Jeremy came to North Star to interview some of our older alumni, now in their mid-thirties, to gather some footage for this movie.  He also interviewed a number of other younger alumni, current members, and staff.  We look forward to seeing Self-Taught sometime in late 2018!

Here’s a clip of his interview with me.

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Ken Danford

About The Author

Ken Danford is Co-founder and Executive Director at North Star: Self Directed Learning for Teens and Co-founder of Liberated Learners. Ken has been working intensively with teenagers and their families since 1991, and now consults with adults interested in opening a self-directed learning center with guidance from Liberated Learners. Contact Ken at ken@northstarteens.org